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Saaee Aquaculture


Iran is the leader in the breeding, production, and export of sustainable Caspian Sea caviar. And its' caviar has an amazing reputation all around the world. Abzi Gostatarn Saaee (Saaee Aquaculture) is Pioneer Company in Farming and processing of Caviar in Iran and Middle-east. This company is recognized by EC legislation and CITES certified. Abzi Gostaran Saaee also acts according to HACCP and FDA standards in total sections including Live fish reception, changing area, washing and sanitizing, bathroom, storage, fish cold storage, freezing tunnel, filleting, caviar processing, packing and repacking area, quality control, caviar cold storage. A record keeping system also trace up the name, Address of farm and document pertains to health status is review at the reception point. All beloved rooms are cleaned and disinfected based on the cleaning and disinfection schedule. The whole system in frequently calibrated to ensure accuracy and efficiency. Laboratory check is done by IVO (Iran Veterinary Organization)  and private sector lab in terms of water, equipment and product to avoid chemical or microbiological contamination to roe caviar . Packaging material is verified prior to use and are standard. Quality of roe  and salt are on the base of high standard of company. Temperature of storage carbine is frequently monitored and handling is done by trained personnel to prevent any physical damage to cans.  
The Company is one of the leading forces in caviar market and the biggest caviar processing cent in Iran. It embarks on….. and now it is one of the top caviar brands that you definitely need to try out with the breeding of Beluga, Siberian sturgeon, Persian sturgeon(Acipenser persicus), Russian sturgeon (Acipenser gueldenstaedtii), . It is sourced from a premium quality sturgeon roe farmed in the north part of Iran. Located on the suburban site totally 7 
 Acre with the pond building of approximately 30000 square meters.
Abzi Gostran  Saaee (Saaee Aquaculture) farming is very common in Iran. A good and secure farming not only helps the fish to stay healthy, but also helps them to stay free from all type of environmental changes and infections. So, they always try to make a safe and comfortable environment for fish. Providing notorious food and suitable water pave the way for rearing healthy fish. 
Caviar is evaluated by 3 criteria in this collection by experts: Taste, Texture and Color.