saaee aquaculture
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Saaee Aquaculture

Farming & Breeding

Water quality is most important factor for aquaculture. aquatic animals and fishes need to live and breath in water. Optimal water quality depends on species and must be monitored to ensure growth and survival. Water quality  can significantly affect the fish health and improve quality of caviar and fish meat, as result attract customer satisfaction. Water quality parameters that commonly must be monitored in the aquaculture include temperature, dissolved oxygen, pH, ammonia, nitrite, alkalinity and hardness. Also water must be without any biological, chemical and physical pollution. Then we try to find region that have water with high quality and optimal factor for sturgeon fish to present the high quality and healthy product. Finally Saaee Aquaculture has been located near Caspian sea and established in 2006 at Mazandaran province- Sari. We use high quality underground water. Saaee located at Tajan River basin with big source of high good fresh spring water. Our sturgeons enjoy living this clean place. For helping water source and reusing it, water solid particle has deleted with drum filter then treated with ozone and after intense aeration recycle again. We have different pond and hall for different stage of sturgeon growth and long-term protection of sturgeon.

Culture patterns

We culture sturgeon fish in semi-closed aquaculture system based on land with cool water (15-21 c).  Degassing Fresh water and filtered return water from pond is mixed together and pump into concrete pond. Chemical and physical parameters frequently control for water quality include temperature, pH, dissolved oxygen, ammonia, nitrate, etc. finally waste water is released from farm into waterway after water refinery.

To increase fish production we use semi intensive system so that we produce 25 kg fish per cubic and to improve quality of water and production, fish is fed by high quality food.