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The fish:

It originates from the Caspian Sea. the species normally mature in the 6th ~7th year, and can live us to 20 years and reach over 15kg. It called in scientific name Acipenser stellatus and in business market is called Starry sturgeon or Uzon burun  or Drakul.


The caviar:

It is produced from roes of mature Drakul of 6 years of aquaculture. Its color can be  gray, or black. The roes look shiny and crystal, the diameter over 2.6mm. the flavor is pure with buttery and creamy  after taste.


Sevruga Caviar Features

Caviar from Sevruga sturgeons; Small- to medium-sized eggs with a with a color that ranges from pearly grey to charcoal grey with eye shaped patches.

Caviar Size :2.5-2.8 mm


Simple Sevruga Caviar recipe:

Teaspoon of sevruga over half of boiled egg and smoked salmon. Serve immediately and enjoy.


Packaging of Sevruga Caviar:

Glass jars and Tin (Desjardin) Coated with a transparent edible varnish giving a GOLD appearance.

Available in the following sizes, 30g, 50g,125g, 250g, and Belgian glass jar 50g.

For export are used 0.5kg, 1kg, 2kg.


Sevruga Caviar Keeping and storage: 

Keeping the containers vacuum sealed is crucial to preventing contamination.

Making smaller size containers is a better option for personal use than larger ones.

Since once opened will only last about max five day