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The fish:

It originates from the Siberian area of Russia . the species normally mature in the 7th ~8th year , and can live us to 20 years and reach over 15kg .It called in scientific name Acipenser baerii and in business market called Siberian sturgeon.

The caviar:

It is produced from roes of mature Siberian of 7 years of aquaculture . Its color can be brown , gray ,or black .The roes look shiny and crystal , the diameter over 2.6mm . the flavor is pure with a light after taste.

Baerii caviar Features

Roe colors’ range from black, grey all the way to black, brown tones.  and is recognized by its very aromatic and fine-spicy taste.


Baerii caviar Size and price

Baerii caviar is divided in two forms on the base of Size, color and firmness:

1- Baerii Caviar

2- Royal Baerii Caviar (RBC) 

The size of Royal Baerii Caviar( RBC) is above  2.6 mm and it is also higher in price than Baerii Caviar.


Keeping and storage of Baerii caviar:

Maintaining in a vacuum-like environment.

The ideal temperature for storing caviar is -2 to +2◦C (28 to 36◦ F). Refrigerator temperature.

Once opened will only last about five days.


Baerii Caviar in Saaee Aquaculture( AbziGostaran Saaee) Collection is packed in suitable food-grade containers. And is presented in 30, 50, 125 and 250 gram tins and glass jars for retail market. Belgian glass jars (50 gram) are also available. Containers are sealed under vacuum to keep them safe. For Export  is used  500 gr , 1 kg  and  2 kg  P.P (Original).